- AWS Code Sample

# Copyright, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. # SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 """ Purpose Shows how to update an item in an Amazon DynamoDB table that stores movies. The update is performed in two steps: 1. The item is retrieved by using its primary and secondary keys. 2. The item is updated on the client and put into the table with updated data. The item is retrieved again to verify the update was made as expected. """ from decimal import Decimal from pprint import pprint import boto3 def update_movie(title, year, rating, plot, actors, dynamodb=None): if not dynamodb: dynamodb = boto3.resource('dynamodb', endpoint_url="http://localhost:8000") table = dynamodb.Table('Movies') resp = table.get_item(Key={'year': year, 'title': title}) item = resp['Item'] item['info']['rating'] = Decimal(rating) item['info']['plot'] = plot item['info']['actors'] = actors table.put_item(Item=item) return table.get_item(Key={'year': year, 'title': title})['Item'] if __name__ == '__main__': movie = update_movie( "The Big New Movie", 2015, 5.5, "Everything happens all at once.", ["Larry", "Moe", "Curly"]) print("Update movie succeeded:") pprint(movie, sort_dicts=False)