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Catalog demonstrates how to propagate same tags to a cluster and all of its instances.

# Copyright 2010-2019, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. # This file is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"). # You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. A copy of # the License is located at # # # # This file is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR # CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the # specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. import boto3 import sys import json # Sample usage # python3 regionName=us-east-1 clusterIdentifier=cluster-name accountNumber=123456789012 tags='[{"Key":"Tag1","Value":"Value1"},{"Key":"Tag2","Value":"Value2"}]' # # Four arguments need to be supplied # regionName=Region # clusterIdentifier=Name_Of_Cluster # accountNumber=Customer_account_number # tags=Json_with_tags format [{"Key":"key","Value":"value"},...] def fetch_cluster_instances(): """Fetches all of the instance Ids that are in a given cluster""" rds = boto3.client('rds', region_name = regionName) try: print("Fetching cluster information for cluster ", clusterIdentifier) result = rds.describe_db_clusters(DBClusterIdentifier = clusterIdentifier) cluster = result['DBClusters'][0] clusterMembers = cluster['DBClusterMembers'] instanceIdentifiers = [] for instance in clusterMembers: instanceIdentifiers.append(instance['DBInstanceIdentifier']) return instanceIdentifiers except Exception as e: print("Error while fetching cluster data: ", e) raise e def apply_tags_to_instances_and_cluster(instanceIdentifiers): """Applies the specified tags to the cluster and all of the instances in the cluster Note: If there is a failure in the middle of the process, some of the instances might have the tags applied and some of them not. This method does not rollback to initial state. In a case of a failure it is adviseable to try and run the script again after a while or manually check and revert the applied tags to the instances and the cluster. """ rds = boto3.client('rds', region_name = regionName) try: clusterARN = generate_ARN_for_resource(clusterIdentifier, True) rds.add_tags_to_resource(ResourceName=clusterARN,Tags=tags) print("Succesfully applied tags to cluster " + clusterIdentifier) for instanceId in instanceIdentifiers: instanceARN = generate_ARN_for_resource(instanceId, False) rds.add_tags_to_resource(ResourceName=instanceARN,Tags=tags) print("Succesfully applied tags to instance " + instanceId) except Exception as e: print("Error while applying tags: ", e) raise e def generate_ARN_for_resource(resourceId, isCluster): """ Generates the ARN that represents a cluster or instance resource """ resourceType = ":cluster:" if isCluster else ":db:" return "arn:aws:rds:" + regionName + ":" + accountNumber + resourceType + resourceId def applyArguments(argv): """ Reads the supplied arguments and applies them """ settings = dict() settings["regionName"] = "" settings["clusterIdentifier"] = "" settings["accountNumber"] = "" settings["tags"] = "" if (len(settings) != len(argv) - 1): raise Exception("Incorrect number of argumnets supplied. Expected ", settings.keys()) for pos,arg in enumerate(argv): if pos==0: continue a=arg.split('=') if len(a) != 2: raise Exception("Incorrect usage. Format argument=value ...") if not a[0] in settings: raise Exception("Argument " + a[0] + " does not exist. Expected ", settings.keys()) settings[a[0]] = a[1] for key, value in settings.items(): if value == "": raise Exception("Missing value for argument " + key) global regionName regionName = settings["regionName"] global clusterIdentifier clusterIdentifier = settings["clusterIdentifier"] global accountNumber accountNumber = settings["accountNumber"] global tags try: tags = json.loads(settings["tags"]) except Exception as e: raise Exception("Cannot parse json supplied for tags ", e) def main(argv): """ This script fetches all of the instances of the given cluster and applies the specified tags to the cluster and its instances """ print("Checking arguments") applyArguments(argv); print("Applying tags to cluster and all of the instances in the cluster") instanceIdentifiers = fetch_cluster_instances() apply_tags_to_instances_and_cluster(instanceIdentifiers) print("SUCCESS") if __name__ == '__main__': main(sys.argv)

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Service: RDS

Last tested: 2019-10-01

Author: AWS

Type: full-example

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