- AWS Code Sample

# Copyright, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. # SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0 """ Contains common test fixtures used to run Amazon S3 versioning tests. """ from urllib import parse import time from botocore.stub import ANY import sys # This is needed so Python can find test_tools in the path. sys.path.append('../../..') from test_tools.fixtures.common import * @pytest.fixture def make_event(): """Returns a function that makes an Amazon S3 batch event.""" def _func(bucket_name, obj_key, extra_data=None, version_id=None): task = { 'taskId': 'test-task-id', 's3Key': parse.quote(f'{obj_key}|{extra_data}') if extra_data else obj_key, 's3BucketArn': f'arn:aws:::{bucket_name}' } if version_id: task['s3VersionId'] = version_id return { 'invocationId': 'test-invocation-id', 'invocationSchemaVersion': 'test-schema-version', 'tasks': [task] } return _func @pytest.fixture def make_result(): """Returns a function that makes an Amazon S3 batch result.""" def _func(code): return { 'invocationSchemaVersion': 'test-schema-version', 'treatMissingKeysAs': 'PermanentFailure', 'invocationId': 'test-invocation-id', 'results': [{ 'taskId': 'test-task-id', 'resultCode': code, 'resultString': ANY }] } return _func