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You can return to the original look by selecting English in the language selector above. demonstrates how to retry operations when making multiple calls to Amazon Textract.

# Shows how to retry operations when detecting text in multiple operations. import boto3 from botocore.client import Config def process_multiple_documents(bucket, documents): config = Config(retries = dict(max_attempts = 5)) # Amazon Textract client textract = boto3.client('textract', config=config) for documentName in documents: print("\nProcessing: {}\n==========================================".format(documentName)) # Call Amazon Textract response = textract.detect_document_text( Document={ 'S3Object': { 'Bucket': bucket, 'Name': documentName } }) # Print detected text for item in response["Blocks"]: if item["BlockType"] == "LINE": print ('\033[94m' + item["Text"] + '\033[0m') def main(): bucket = "" documents = ["document-image-1.png", "document-image-2.png", "document-image-3.png", "document-image-4.png", "document-image-5.png" ] process_multiple_documents(bucket, documents) if __name__ == "__main__": main()

Sample Details

Service: textract

Last tested: 2019-8-26

Author: reesch (AWS)

Type: full-example

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