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Gets the ACL for an S3 bucket item.

require 'aws-sdk-s3' # v2: require 'aws-sdk' require 'os' # Required on Windows # See: if Aws.use_bundled_cert! end # main if ARGV.length < 2 puts 'You must supply a bucket and object name' exit 1 end bucket_name = ARGV[0] object_name = ARGV[1] client = 'us-west-2') resp = client.get_object_acl({bucket: bucket_name, key: object_name}) puts puts "Owner #{resp.owner.display_name}" puts resp.grants.each do |g| if g.grantee.display_name == nil puts 'Grantee EVERYONE' else puts 'Grantee ' + g.grantee.display_name end if == nil puts 'ID ' + '-' else puts 'ID ' + end puts 'Permission ' + g.permission puts end

Sample Details

Service: s3

Last tested: 2018-03-16

Author: Doug-AWS

Type: full-example

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