test_s3-ruby-example-get-cspk-item.rb - AWS Code Sample


# Copyright Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. # SPDX - License - Identifier: Apache - 2.0 require_relative '../s3-ruby-example-get-cspk-item' describe '#download_object_with_private_key_encryption' do # Captures the data (metadata and body) put to an Amason S3 object. def stub_put(s3_client) data = {} s3_client.stub_responses(:put_object, lambda { |context| data[:metadata] = context.params[:metadata] data[:enc_body] = context.params[:body].read {} }) data end # Given data from stub_put, stub a getter for the same object. # During the get operation, get_object is called twice: once to # get the full body, and once again with a range to get just the # auth_tag. def stub_get(s3_client, data, stub_auth_tag) resp_headers = Hash[*data[:metadata].map { |k, v| ["x-amz-meta-#{k.to_s}", v] }.flatten(1)] resp_headers['content-length'] = data[:enc_body].length if stub_auth_tag auth_tag = data[:enc_body].unpack('C*')[-16, 16].pack('C*') else auth_tag = nil end s3_client.stub_responses( :get_object, { status_code: 200, body: data[:enc_body], headers: resp_headers }, { body: auth_tag } ) end let(:bucket_name) { 'doc-example-bucket' } let(:object_key) { 'my-file.txt' } let(:object_content) { 'This is the content of my-file.txt.' } # Note that Aws::S3::EncryptionV2::Client is a wrapper around # Aws::S3::Client. So you must first stub Aws::S3::Client # and then pass it into Aws::S3::EncryptionV2::Client # via the client argument on initialization, as follows. let(:s3_client) do Aws::S3::Client.new( stub_responses: { get_object: { body: object_content } } ) end let(:private_key) { OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.new(2048) } let(:s3_encryption_client) do Aws::S3::EncryptionV2::Client.new( client: s3_client, encryption_key: private_key, key_wrap_schema: :rsa_oaep_sha1, content_encryption_schema: :aes_gcm_no_padding, security_profile: :v2 ) end it 'downloads an object from a bucket with private key encryption' do data = stub_put(s3_client) s3_encryption_client.put_object( bucket: bucket_name, key: object_key, body: object_content ) stub_get(s3_client, data, true) expect( download_object_with_private_key_encryption( s3_encryption_client, bucket_name, object_key ) ).to eq(object_content) end end