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AWS Code Sample Catalog

Welcome to the preview of the AWS Code Sample Catalog!


This is a preview of the catalog. Search results are not complete in this early version. Standardized naming and full descriptions in each sample also are not complete. We will publish frequent updates, so check back often.

This catalog contains code samples and other types of samples to help accelerate your development of applications that work with AWS services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon DynamoDB, and more. The examples show how to perform specific tasks for AWS services using various programming languages and support technologies.

The catalog is organized by programming language or technology:

Each category contains samples that are grouped by AWS service. The samples demonstrate common use cases for that service.

There are two different types of samples in the catalog:

  • Full samples – Complete running code that you can use with little modification.

  • Snippets – Short bits of code that demonstrate specific functionality. A snippet doesn't include all the contextual and environmental code of a full sample, so you can't run it without additional coding.

To find a sample, use the left navigation pane or do a keyword search. You can search for an AWS service or use other keywords such as specific actions or resources.

Adding Your Own Samples

We always need more samples. If you want to help, consider contributing your own sample code. You can send us a sample by creating a pull request on our GitHub repository. We’ll evaluate your contribution and, if approved, add it to our catalog with your name attributed as the author. You can also submit corrections or suggest improvements to existing samples using a pull request.

Other Resources

The AWS Code Sample Catalog is only a small portion of all the documentation that is available for AWS services. We provide several other types of documentation for each service:

  • User guides

  • Developer guides

  • API references

  • AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) reference

  • Tutorials

  • SDKs and developer toolkits

For links to all of these resources, see the AWS Documentation home page.