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Connect a CodeArtifact repository to a public repository

You can add a external connection between a CodeArtifact repository and an external, public repository such as or the Maven Central repository. Then, when you request a package from the CodeArtifact repository that's not already present in the repository, the package can be fetched from the external connection. This makes it possible to consume open-source dependencies used by your application.

In CodeArtifact, the intended way to use external connections is to have one repository per domain with an external connection to a given public repository. For example, if you want to connect to, configure one repository in your domain with an external connection to and configure all the other repositories with an upstream to it. This way, all the repositories can make use of the packages that have already been fetched from, rather than fetching and storing them again.

Connect to an external repository (console)

When you use the console to add a connection to an external repository, the following will occur:

  1. A -store repository for the external repository will be created in your CodeArtifact domain if one does not exist already. These -store repositories behave as intermediate repositories between your repository and the external repository and allow you to connect to more than one external repository.

  2. The appropriate -store repository is added as an upstream to your repository.

The following list contains each -store repository in CodeArtifact and the respective external repository they connect to.

  1. cargo-store is connected to

  2. clojars-store is connected to Clojars Repository.

  3. commonsware-store is connected to CommonsWare Android Repository.

  4. google-android-store is connected to Google Android.

  5. gradle-plugins-store is connected to Gradle plugins.

  6. maven-central-store is connected to Maven Central Repository.

  7. npm-store is connected to

  8. nuget-store is connected to

  9. pypi-store is connected to the Python Packaging Authority.

  10. rubygems-store is connected to

To connect to an external repository (console)
  1. Open the AWS CodeArtifact console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Domains, and then choose the domain name that contains your repository.

  3. Choose the name of your repository.

  4. Choose Edit.

  5. In Upstream repositories, choose Associate upstream repository and add the appropriate -store repository that is connected as an upstream.

  6. Choose Update repository.

After the -store repository is added as an upstream repository, package managers connected to your CodeArtifact repository can fetch packages from the respective external repository.

Connect to an external repository (CLI)

You can use the AWS CLI to connect your CodeArtifact repository to an external repository by adding an external connection directly to the repository. This will allow users connected to the CodeArtifact repository, or any of its downstream repositories, to fetch packages from the configured external repository. Each CodeArtifact repository can only have one external connection.

It is recommended to have one repository per domain with an external connection to a given public repository. To connect other repositories to the public repository, add the repository with the external connection as an upstream to them. If you or someone else in your domain has already configured external connections in the console, your domain likely already has a -store repository with an external connection to the public repository you want to connect to. For more information about -store repositories and connecting with the console, see Connect to an external repository (console).

To add an external connection to a CodeArtifact repository (CLI)
  • Use associate-external-connection to add an external connection. The following example connects a repository to the npm public registry, For a list of supported external repositories, see Supported external connection repositories.

    aws codeartifact associate-external-connection --external-connection public:npmjs \ --domain my_domain --domain-owner 111122223333 --repository my_repo

    Example output:

    { "repository": { "name": my_repo "administratorAccount": "123456789012", "domainName": "my_domain", "domainOwner": "111122223333", "arn": "arn:aws:codeartifact:us-west-2:111122223333:repository/my_domain/my_repo", "description": "A description of my_repo", "upstreams": [], "externalConnections": [ { "externalConnectionName": "public:npmjs", "packageFormat": "npm", "status": "AVAILABLE" } ] } }

After adding an external connection, see Requesting packages from external connections for information about requesting packages from an external repository with an external connection.

Supported external connection repositories

CodeArtifact supports an external connection to the following public repositories. To use the CodeArtifact CLI to specify an external connection, use the value in the Name column for the --external-connection parameter when you run the associate-external-connection command.

Repository type Description Name
Maven Clojars repository public:maven-clojars
Maven CommonsWare Android repository public:maven-commonsware
Maven Google Android repository public:maven-googleandroid
Maven Gradle plugins repository public:maven-gradleplugins
Maven Maven Central public:maven-central
npm npm public registry public:npmjs
NuGet NuGet Gallery public:nuget-org
Python Python Package Index public:pypi
Ruby public:ruby-gems-org
Rust public:crates-io

Remove an external connection (CLI)

To remove an external connection that was added by using the associate-external-connection command in the AWS CLI, use disassociate-external-connection.

aws codeartifact disassociate-external-connection --external-connection public:npmjs \ --domain my_domain --domain-owner 111122223333 --repository my_repo

Example output:

{ "repository": { "name": my_repo "administratorAccount": "123456789012", "domainName": "my_domain", "domainOwner": "111122223333", "arn": "arn:aws:codeartifact:us-west-2:111122223333:repository/my_domain/my_repo", "description": "A description of my_repo", "upstreams": [], "externalConnections": [] } }