Getting started with CodeArtifact - CodeArtifact

Getting started with CodeArtifact

In this getting started tutorial, you use CodeArtifact to create the following:

  • A domain called my-domain.

  • A repository called my-repo that is contained in my-domain.

  • A repository called npm-store that is contained in my-domain. The npm-store has an external connection to the npm public repository. This connection is used to ingest an npm package into the my-repo repository.

Before starting this tutorial, we recommend that you review CodeArtifact AWS CodeArtifact concepts.


This tutorial requires you to create resources that might result in charges to your AWS account. For more information, see CodeArtifact pricing.


You can complete this tutorial using the AWS Management Console or the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). To follow the tutorial, you must first complete the following prerequisites: