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Use Maven snapshots

A Maven snapshot is a special version of a Maven package that refers to the latest production branch code. It is a development version that precedes the final release version. You can identify a snapshot version of a Maven package by the suffix SNAPSHOT that is appended to the package version. For example, the snapshot of version 1.1 is 1.1-SNAPSHOT. For more information, see What is a SNAPSHOT version? on the Apache Maven Project website.

AWS CodeArtifact supports publishing and consuming Maven snapshots. You can publish a Maven snapshot to an AWS CodeArtifact repository or, if you are directly connected, to an upstream repository. However, a snapshot version in both a repository and one of its upstream repositories is not supported. For example, if you upload a Maven package with version 1.2-SNAPSHOT to your repository, CodeArtifact does not support uploading a Maven package with the same snapshot version to one of its upstream repositories. This scenario might return unpredictable results. Maven snapshots also cannot be fetched from a Maven public repository via an external connection. Only importing of Maven release versions is supported.

When a Maven snapshot is published, its previous version is preserved in a new version called a build. Each time a Maven snapshot is published, a new build version is created. All previous versions of a snapshot are maintained in its build versions. When a Maven snapshot is published, its status is set to Published and the status of the build that contains the previous version is set to Unlisted.

If you request a snapshot, the version with status Published is returned. This is always the most recent version of the Maven snapshot. You can also request a particular build of a snapshot. To see the build versions of a Maven snapshot, use ListPackageVersions and set the status parameter to Unlisted.

To delete all build versions of a Maven snapshot, use DeletePackageVersions, specify the versions that you want to delete, and set the expectedStatus parameter to Unlisted.