Step 7: View summarized build information - AWS CodeBuild

Step 7: View summarized build information

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In this step, you view summarized information about the status of your build.

To view summarized build information

Use the AWS CLI to run the batch-get-builds command.

aws codebuild batch-get-builds --ids id

Replace id with the id value that appeared in the output of the previous step.

If successful, data similar to this appears in the output.

{ "buildsNotFound": [], "builds": [ { "buildComplete": true, "phases": [ { "phaseStatus": "SUCCEEDED", "endTime": 1472848788.525, "phaseType": "SUBMITTED", "durationInSeconds": 0, "startTime": 1472848787.882 }, ... The full list of build phases has been omitted for brevity ... { "phaseType": "COMPLETED", "startTime": 1472848878.079 } ], "logs": { "groupName": "/aws/codebuild/codebuild-demo-project", "deepLink": ";stream=38ca1c4a-e9ca-4dbc-bef1-d52bfEXAMPLE", "streamName": "38ca1c4a-e9ca-4dbc-bef1-d52bfEXAMPLE" }, "artifacts": { "md5sum": "MD5-hash", "location": "arn:aws:s3:::codebuild-region-ID-account-ID-output-bucket/", "sha256sum": "SHA-256-hash" }, "projectName": "codebuild-demo-project", "timeoutInMinutes": 60, "initiator": "user-name", "buildStatus": "SUCCEEDED", "environment": { "computeType": "BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL", "image": "aws/codebuild/standard:5.0", "type": "LINUX_CONTAINER", "environmentVariables": [] }, "source": { "type": "S3", "location": "codebuild-region-ID-account-ID-input-bucket/" }, "currentPhase": "COMPLETED", "startTime": 1472848787.882, "endTime": 1472848878.079, "id": "codebuild-demo-project:38ca1c4a-e9ca-4dbc-bef1-d52bfEXAMPLE", "arn": "arn:aws:codebuild:region-ID:account-ID:build/codebuild-demo-project:38ca1c4a-e9ca-4dbc-bef1-d52bfEXAMPLE" } ] }
  • buildsNotFound represents the build IDs for any builds where information is not available. In this example, it should be empty.

  • builds represents information about each build where information is available. In this example, information about only one build appears in the output.

    • phases represents the set of build phases CodeBuild runs during the build process. Information about each build phase is listed separately as startTime, endTime, and durationInSeconds (when the build phase started and ended, expressed in Unix time format, and how long it lasted, in seconds), and phaseType such as (SUBMITTED, PROVISIONING, DOWNLOAD_SOURCE, INSTALL, PRE_BUILD, BUILD, POST_BUILD, UPLOAD_ARTIFACTS, FINALIZING, or COMPLETED) and phaseStatus (such as SUCCEEDED, FAILED, FAULT, TIMED_OUT, IN_PROGRESS, or STOPPED). The first time you run the batch-get-builds command, there might not be many (or any) phases. After subsequent runs of the batch-get-builds command with the same build ID, more build phases should appear in the output.

    • logs represents information in Amazon CloudWatch Logs about the build's logs.

    • md5sum and sha256sum represent MD5 and SHA-256 hashes of the build's output artifact. These appear in the output only if the build project's packaging value is set to ZIP. (You did not set this value in this tutorial.) You can use these hashes along with a checksum tool to confirm file integrity and authenticity.


      You can also use the Amazon S3 console to view these hashes. Select the box next to the build output artifact, choose Actions, and then choose Properties. In the Properties pane, expand Metadata, and view the values for x-amz-meta-codebuild-content-md5 and x-amz-meta-codebuild-content-sha256. (In the Amazon S3 console, the build output artifact's ETag value should not be interpreted to be either the MD5 or SHA-256 hash.)

      If you use the AWS SDKs to get these hashes, the values are named codebuild-content-md5 and codebuild-content-sha256.

    • endTime represents the time, in Unix time format, when the build process ended.


Amazon S3 metadata has a CodeBuild header named x-amz-meta-codebuild-buildarn which contains the buildArn of the CodeBuild build that publishes artifacts to Amazon S3. The buildArn is added to allow source tracking for notifications and to reference which build the artifact is generated from.

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