Step 6: Run the build - AWS CodeBuild

Step 6: Run the build

(Previous step: Step 5: Create the build project)

In this step, you instruct AWS CodeBuild to run the build with the settings in the build project.

To run the build
  1. Use the AWS CLI to run the start-build command:

    aws codebuild start-build --project-name project-name

    Replace project-name with your build project name from the previous step (for example, codebuild-demo-project).

  2. If successful, data similar to the following appears in the output:

    { "build": { "buildComplete": false, "initiator": "user-name", "artifacts": { "location": "arn:aws:s3:::codebuild-region-ID-account-ID-output-bucket/" }, "projectName": "codebuild-demo-project", "timeoutInMinutes": 60, "buildStatus": "IN_PROGRESS", "environment": { "computeType": "BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL", "image": "aws/codebuild/standard:5.0", "type": "LINUX_CONTAINER", "environmentVariables": [] }, "source": { "type": "S3", "location": "codebuild-region-ID-account-ID-input-bucket/" }, "currentPhase": "SUBMITTED", "startTime": 1472848787.882, "id": "codebuild-demo-project:0cfbb6ec-3db9-4e8c-992b-1ab28EXAMPLE", "arn": "arn:aws:codebuild:region-ID:account-ID:build/codebuild-demo-project:0cfbb6ec-3db9-4e8c-992b-1ab28EXAMPLE" } }
    • build represents information about this build.

      • buildComplete represents whether the build was completed (true). Otherwise, false.

      • initiator represents the entity that started the build.

      • artifacts represents information about the build output, including its location.

      • projectName represents the name of the build project.

      • buildStatus represents the current build status when the start-build command was run.

      • currentPhase represents the current build phase when the start-build command was run.

      • startTime represents the time, in Unix time format, when the build process started.

      • id represents the ID of the build.

      • arn represents the ARN of the build.

    Make a note of the id value. You need it in the next step.

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