Create a report group (CLI) - AWS CodeBuild

Create a report group (CLI)

To create a report group

  1. Create a file named CreateReportGroup.json.

  2. Depending on your requirements, copy one of the following JSON code snippets into CreateReportGroup.json:

    • Use the following JSON to specify that your test report group exports raw test result files to an Amazon S3 bucket.

      { "name": "<report-name>", "type": "TEST", "exportConfig": { "exportConfigType": "S3", "s3Destination": { "bucket": "<bucket-name>", "bucketOwner": "<bucket-owner>", "path": "<path>", "packaging": "NONE | ZIP", "encryptionDisabled": "false", "encryptionKey": "<your-key>" }, "tags": [ { "key": "tag-key", "value": "tag-value" } ] } }
      • Replace <bucket-name> with your Amazon S3 bucket name and <path> with the path in your bucket to where you want to export the files.

      • If you want to compress the exported files, for packaging, specify ZIP. Otherwise, specify NONE.

      • bucketOwner is optional and is only required if the Amazon S3 bucket is owned by an account other than the account running the build.

      • Use encryptionDisabled to specify whether to encrypt the exported files. If you encrypt the exported files, enter your customer managed key. For more information, see Update a report group.

    • Use the following JSON to specify that your test report does not export raw test files:

      { "name": "<report-name>", "type": "TEST", "exportConfig": { "exportConfigType": "NO_EXPORT" } }

    The CodeBuild service role specified in the project is used for permissions to upload to the S3 bucket.

  3. Run the following command:

    aws codebuild create-report-group --cli-input-json file://CreateReportGroupInput.json