Create a report group (console) - AWS CodeBuild

Create a report group (console)

To create a test report

  1. Open the AWS CodeBuild console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Report groups.

  3. Choose Create report group.

  4. For Report group name, enter a name for your report group.

  5. (Optional) For Tags, enter the name and value of any tags that you want supporting AWS services to use. Use Add row to add a tag. You can add up to 50 tags.

  6. If you want to upload the raw data of your test report results to an Amazon S3 bucket:

    1. Select Export to Amazon S3.

    2. For S3 bucket name, enter the name of the S3 bucket.

    3. (Optional) For S3 bucket owner, enter the AWS account identifier of the account that owns the S3 bucket. This allows report data to be exported to an Amazon S3 bucket that is owned by an account other than the account running the build.

    4. For Path prefix, enter the path in your S3 bucket where you want to upload your test results.

    5. Select Compress test result data in a zip file to compress your raw test result data files.

    6. Expand Additional configuration to display encryption options. Choose one of the following:

      • Default AWS managed key to use a customer master key (CMK) for Amazon S3 that is managed by the AWS Key Management Service. In CodeBuild, the default CMK is for Amazon S3 and uses the format aws/S3. For more information, see Customer managed CMKs in the AWS Key Management Service User Guide. This is the default encryption option.

      • Choose a custom key to use a CMK that you create and configure. For AWS KMS encryption key, enter the ARN of your encryption key. Its format is arn:aws:kms:<region-id>:<aws-account-id>:key/<key-id>. For more information, see Creating KMS keys in the AWS Key Management Service User Guide.

      • Disable artifact encryption to disable encryption. You might choose this if you want to share your test results, or publish them to a static website. (A dynamic website can run code to decrypt test results.)

      For more information about encryption of data at rest, see Data encryption.


    The CodeBuild service role specified in the project is used for permissions to upload to the S3 bucket.

  7. Choose Create report group.