Integrating GitHub repositories in CodeCatalyst - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Integrating GitHub repositories in CodeCatalyst

GitHub is a cloud-based service that helps developers store and manage their code. The GitHub repositories extension lets you use linked GitHub repositories in Amazon CodeCatalyst projects. You can also link GitHub repositories when creating a new CodeCatalyst project. For more information, see Creating a project with a linked GitHub repository.


You can't use empty or archived GitHub repositories with CodeCatalyst projects. The GitHub repositories extension isn't compatible with GitHub Enterprise Server.

Once you install and configure the GitHub repositories extension, you will be able to:

  • View your GitHub repositories in the list of source repositories in CodeCatalyst

  • Store and manage workflow definition files in your GitHub repositories.

  • Create, read, update, and delete files stored in linked GitHub repositories from CodeCatalyst Dev Environments

  • Start CodeCatalyst workflow runs automatically when code is pushed to your GitHub repositories

  • Use your linked GitHub repository source files in CodeCatalyst workflows

  • Read and execute GitHub actions in CodeCatalyst workflows

The following topics explain how to install and configure the GitHub repositories extension and use your GitHub repositories once they are linked to your CodeCatalyst projects.