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CodeCatalyst health report

The Amazon CodeCatalyst health report is a public dashboard that provides users with an aggregated list of up-to-the-minute notifications regarding resource performance and availability of services in CodeCatalyst that have widespread impact. You can see which resources are having problems and may affect applications in CodeCatalyst. This allows you to track outages and other resource downtime system wide. When an incident occurs, a blue indicator appears on the health report icon. Additionally, CodeCatalyst automatically sends an alert and email notification to all users with the Space administrator role in the project, providing details and a history of the incident in near real time.

The dashboard provides a list of all active events and a record of up to 100 previous incidents occurring in the last 30 days. You can organize the list of incidents based on the date the incident was updated. You can also refresh the list of incidents for up to the minute updates.

Here is a possible workflow for using the CodeCatalyst health report:

Mateo Jackson is a developer in the Budding Space with Space administrator permissions. While attempting to create a pull request, he keeps getting an error message. He checks his email and discovers he received an auto-generated system incident email from CodeCatalyst providing a detailed history about the system issue affecting his space. He chooses View update and is taken to the CodeCatalyst health report where he can view all system-reported incidents. He chooses the incident from the list to find out more information. A split screen opens that provides a timestamp of the last update, history, impacted capabilities, start time, and current status of the incident. He can also see that the issue is ongoing, but the service team has begun working on it. Each time there is an update to the history or status of the incident, he receives an email. In the event that he does not have access to his email, he can choose the bell icon in the top panel to get to the CodeCatalyst health report.

CodeCatalyst health report concepts

Learning the following concepts will help you understand the CodeCatalyst health report and how they enable you to track the health of your applications, services, and resources.


The incident is the system event that is affecting applications and resources within CodeCatalyst. You can choose the incident to view a detailed history of the event, including the time it began and if the service team is working on resolving it.


The status is the real-time status of the incident. It will show as Ongoing or Resolved.

Impacted capabilities

The impacted capabilities are the resources or applications affected by the incident. A single incident can affect multiple areas in the system, including pull requests, issues, workflows, test, deploy, and source.

Updated on

Updated on provides a timestamp of the last update for the incident.