Sign in as a returning user - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Sign in as a returning user

Follow these steps to sign in to your Amazon CodeCatalyst profile.


Have you registered a device for multi-factor authentication (MFA) yet? We strongly recommend that you configure MFA in Amazon CodeCatalyst to increase your security. For more information, see How to register a device for use with multi-factor authentication.

To sign in as a returning user
  1. Open the CodeCatalyst console at

  2. Enter your Email address. Optionally, choose Save my email address if you want to save your email address for future sign-ins. Choose Continue.

  3. Enter your Password. Choose Sign in. If you don't remember your password, follow the steps in I forgot my password.

Trusted devices

After you choose the option This is a trusted device from the sign-in page, Amazon CodeCatalyst considers all future sign-ins from that device as authorized. Amazon CodeCatalyst will not present an option to enter an MFA code as long as you use that trusted device. Some exceptions include signing in from a new browser or when your device has been issued an unknown IP address.