Changing your CodeCatalyst billing tier - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Changing your CodeCatalyst billing tier

Your CodeCatalyst space defaults to the Free tier. Your current plan and configuration for billing, if set up, is available in the CodeCatalyst console.

You must have the Space administrator role in CodeCatalyst and have administrator permissions for your account in AWS to manage billing.


Before you can change your CodeCatalyst subscription from the Free tier, you must first set up an account for billing by adding it to your space and then turning on the Standard tier for the account.

To change your CodeCatalyst billing tier
  1. Open the CodeCatalyst console at

  2. Navigate to your CodeCatalyst space. Choose Settings, and then choose Billing.

    The Billing details page displays.

  3. Choose Change billing tier. The Compare tiers page displays with available plans and the list of charges that apply to each plan.

    On the Compare tiers page, choose the tier with the charges that you want to authorize your CodeCatalyst space to use. The following tiers are available:

    • Free

    • Standard

  4. Choose Change tier.