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Working with issues in CodeCatalyst

An issue is the primary way you and other project members can track, schedule, and coordinate on work. You can use use issues to track progress on minor changes or fixes, major feature additions, or other project work. Here is one example of how a team can use issues to track and organize their work in CodeCatalyst.

Saanvi Sarkar is a project manager. She uses issues in CodeCatalyst to conduct daily sync-ups with her team. Daily sync-ups are an Agile practice that helps the team coordinate their efforts and achieve its goals. Saanvi starts each sync-up by pulling up the board. She then chooses the Filter icon, and chooses Assignee as the filter option. Once she chooses the name of an assignee from the dropdown menu, the board is updated to show all issues assigned to the chosen assignee. From there, the assignee provides updates for each of their assigned issues. Saanvi repeats this process for each team member until all issues on the board have been updated and every team member has had a chance to talk about their assigned issues and status. For a priority based sync-up, she chooses Priority as the filter option and chooses a priority level. The team then discusses the highest priority items first, which helps focus the team on the most urgent work that needs to be done.

The following topics detail how to work with issues in CodeCatalyst.