Editing a file - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Editing a file

You can edit individual files in the Amazon CodeCatalyst console. To edit multiple files at once, either create a Dev Environment or clone the repository and make your changes using a Git client or integrated development environment (IDE). For more information, see Write and modify code with Dev Environments in CodeCatalyst or Cloning a source repository.

To edit a file in the CodeCatalyst console
  1. Navigate to the project where you want to edit a file. For more information about how to navigate to a repository, see Viewing a source repository.

  2. Choose the repository where you want to edit the file. Choose View branches and then choose the branch you want to work in. Choose the file from the list of files and folders in that branch.

    The contents of the file are displayed.

  3. Choose Edit.

  4. In the editor, edit the contents of the file and then choose Commit. Optionally, in Commit changes, add more information about the change in Commit message. When you are satisfied with your changes, choose Commit.