Deleting a source repository - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Deleting a source repository

If a source repository for an Amazon CodeCatalyst project is no longer needed, you can delete it. Deleting a source repository also deletes any project information stored in the repository. If any workflows depend on the source repository, those workflows will be deleted from the list of project workflows after the repository is deleted. Issues that reference the source repository will not be deleted or altered, but any links to the source repository added to issues will fail once the repository is deleted.


Deleting a source repository cannot be undone. After you delete a source repository, you are no longer able to clone it, pull data from it, or push data to it. Deleting a source repository does not delete any local copies of that repository (local repos). To delete a local repo, use your local computer's directory and file management tools.


You cannot delete a linked repository in the CodeCatalyst console. To delete a linked repository, choose the link in the list of repositories to open that repository in the service that hosts it, and then delete it. For more information, see the documentation for the service that hosts the linked repository.

To remove a linked repository from a project, see Managing GitHub repositories in CodeCatalyst.

To delete a source repository
  1. Navigate to the project that contains the source repository you want to delete.

  2. On the summary page for your project, choose the repository you want from the list, and then choose View repository. Alternatively, in the navigation pane, choose Code, and then choose Source repositories. Choose the name of the repository from the list of source repositories for the project.

  3. On the home page for the repository, choose More, and then choose Delete repository.

  4. Review the branch, pull request, and related workflow information to help ensure that you are not deleting a repository that is still in use or has unfinished work. If you want to continue, type delete, and then choose Delete.