Creating a space in CodeCatalyst - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Amazon CodeCatalyst is in preview release and is subject to change.

Creating a space in CodeCatalyst

When you first sign up in Amazon CodeCatalyst, you are required to create a space. For more information, see Setting up CodeCatalyst. You can choose to create additional spaces to meet your business needs. To create additional spaces, you must be assigned the Space administrator role.


When you create an additional space, you are not prompted to create a project. To learn how to create projects to a space, see Creating a project in Amazon CodeCatalyst.

To create another space
  1. Open the CodeCatalyst console at

  2. Navigate to your space.


    If you belong to more than one space, you can choose which space to view in the top navigation bar.

  3. On the space page, choose Create space.

  4. On the Create a space page, in Space name, enter a name for the space. You cannot change this.

  5. In AWS account ID, enter the twelve-digit ID for the account you want to connect to your space.

    In AWS account verification token, copy the generated token ID. The token is automatically copied for you, but you might want to store it while you approve the AWS connection request.

  6. Choose Verify in AWS.

  7. The Verify Amazon CodeCatalyst space page opens in the AWS Management Console. This is the Amazon CodeCatalyst Spaces page. You might need to log in to access the page.

    To directly access the page, sign in to the Amazon CodeCatalyst Spaces in the AWS Management Console at

    The verification token is automatically entered in Verification token. A success banner shows a message that the token is a valid token.

  8. Choose Verify space.

    An Account verified success message displays to show that the account has been added to the space.

  9. Remain on the Verify Amazon CodeCatalyst space page. Choose the following link: To enable the Standard tier or add IAM roles this space, view space details.

    The CodeCatalyst space details page opens in the AWS Management Console. This is the Amazon CodeCatalyst Spaces page. You might need to log in to access the page.

  10. Under IAM roles available to CodeCatalyst, choose Add IAM role.

    The Add IAM roles available to CodeCatalyst page displays.

  11. Choose Create CodeCatalyst development administrator role in IAM. This option creates a service role that contains the permissions policy and trust policy for the development role.

    The developer role is an AWS IAM role that enables your CodeCatalyst workflows to access AWS resources such as Amazon S3, Lambda, and AWS CloudFormation. The role will have a name CodeCatalystPreviewDevelopmentAdministrator with a unique identifier appended. For more information about the role and role policy, see Understanding the CodeCatalystPreviewDevelopmentAdministrator service role.

  12. Choose Create development role.

  13. On the connection page, under IAM roles available to CodeCatalyst, view the developer role in the list of IAM roles added to your account.

  14. Choose Go to Amazon CodeCatalyst.

  15. On the creation page in CodeCatalyst, choose Create space.