AWS Support for Amazon CodeCatalyst - Amazon CodeCatalyst

AWS Support for Amazon CodeCatalyst

When you create a space, you must connect an AWS account and designate it as the billing account for your space. The AWS account you designate as your billing account is also where you access your AWS Support plan for Amazon CodeCatalyst. If you need support, you can create support cases from this designated AWS account.

CodeCatalyst users in a space use the AWS Support for Amazon CodeCatalyst page in CodeCatalyst to manage support cases. You can upgrade to an AWS Support plan such as Business Support or Enterprise Support to create and manage CodeCatalyst technical support cases in CodeCatalyst.

Only cases specific to the CodeCatalyst service and resources can be supported through AWS Support for Amazon CodeCatalyst. CodeCatalyst resources include resources deployed within CodeCatalyst and by users in CodeCatalyst, but these do not include resources deployed for other AWS or third-party services. If you need support for any other AWS service, you must open it through the AWS Management Console.

To change your support plan, see Changing support plans.


Developer Support plans are not designed for production environments. If a space billing account has a Developer Support plan, this plan does not cascade to all space administrators and space members within AWS Support in CodeCatalyst.