Skipping failed tests - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Skipping failed tests

If your action has more than one test command, you might want to allow subsequent test commands in the action to run even if a previous command fails. For example, in the following commands, you may want test2 to run always, even if test1 fails.

Steps: - Run: npm install - Run: npm run test1 - Run: npm run test2

Normally, when a step returns an error, Amazon CodeCatalyst stops the workflow action and marks it as failed. You can allow the action steps to continue to run by redirecting the error output to null. You can do this by adding 2>/dev/null to the command. With this modification, the preceding example would look like the following.

Steps: - Run: npm install - Run: npm run test1 2>/dev/null - Run: npm run test2

In the second code snippet, the status of the npm install command will be honored, but any error returned by the npm run test1 command will be ignored. As a result the npm run test2 command is run. By doing this, you're able to view both reports at once regardless of whether an error occurs.