Troubleshooting problems with search in CodeCatalyst - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Troubleshooting problems with search in CodeCatalyst

Consult the following sections to troubleshoot problems related to searching in CodeCatalyst. For more information about workflows, see Search in CodeCatalyst.

I can't find a user in my project

Problem: When I try to view a user's details, I don't see their information in the project.

Possible fixes: Search doesn't currently support searching for users within a project. To search for users with access to your space, switch to This space in QuickSearch, or remove any project filters you might have specified using the advanced query language.

I don't see what I'm looking for in my project or space

Problem: Results don't appear when I try to search for particular information.

Possible fixes: Content updates are likely to take a few seconds to update in search results. Large updates can take several minutes.

For resources that haven't been recently updated, you might need to refine your search. You can refine by adding more keywords or using the advanced query language. For more information about refining your queries, see Refining your search query.

Number of search results keep changing when I navigate through the pages

Problem: The number of search results appear to change when I go to the next page, so it's not clear how many total results there are.

Possible fixes: When navigating through pages of search results, you might see a change in the number of search results that match your query. The number of results might update to reflect a more accurate number of matches discovered as you navigate through the pages.

As you navigate through the results, you might see the following message: No results for "test". You will receive the message if you don't have access to the remaining results.

My search query isn't being completed

Problem: The results of my search query aren't showing up, and it appears to be taking too long.

Possible fixes: Your search may not be completed when there are many searches being made at the same time in the space, either programmatically or because of high team activity. If you're running programmatic searches, pause or decrease them. Otherwise, try again in a few seconds.