Viewing an action's source code - Amazon CodeCatalyst

Viewing an action's source code

You can view an action's source code to make sure it doesn't contain risky code, security vulnerabilities, or other defects.

Use the following instructions to view the source code of a CodeCatalyst, CodeCatalyst Labs, or third-party action.


To view the source code of a GitHub Action, go to the action's page in the GitHub Marketplace. The page includes a link to the action's repository, where you can find the action's source code.


You cannot view the source code of the following CodeCatalyst actions: build, test, GitHub Actions.


AWS does not support or guarantee the action code of GitHub Actions or third-party actions.

To view an action's source code
  1. Open the CodeCatalyst console at

  2. Choose your project.

  3. Find the action whose code you want to view:

    1. In the navigation pane, choose CI/CD, and then choose Workflows.

    2. Choose the name of any workflow, or create one. For information about creating a workflow, see Creating a workflow.

    3. Choose Edit.

    4. At the top-left, choose + Actions to open the action catalog.

    5. In the drop-down list, choose Amazon CodeCatalyst to view CodeCatalyst, CodeCatalyst Labs, and third-party actions.

    6. Search for an action, and choose its name. Do not choose the plus sign (+).

      Details about the action appear.

  4. In the action details dialog box, near the bottom, choose Download.

    A page appears, showing the Amazon S3 bucket where the action's source code resides. For information about Amazon S3, see What is Amazon S3? in the Amazon Simple Storage Service User Guide.

  5. Inspect the code to ensure it meets your expectations for quality and security.