Troubleshooting triggers and AWS CodeCommit - AWS CodeCommit

Troubleshooting triggers and AWS CodeCommit

The following information might help you troubleshoot issues with triggers in AWS CodeCommit.

Trigger error: A repository trigger does not run when expected

Problem: One or more triggers configured for a repository does not appear to run or does not run as expected.

Possible fixes: If the target of the trigger is an AWS Lambda function, make sure you have configured the function's resource policy for access by CodeCommit. For more information, see Example 3: Create a policy for AWS Lambda integration with a CodeCommit trigger.

Alternatively, edit the trigger and make sure the events for which you want to trigger actions have been selected and that the branches for the trigger include the branch where you want to see responses to actions. Try changing the settings for the trigger to All repository events and All branches and then testing the trigger. For more information, see Edit triggers for a repository.