AWS CodeDeploy
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-06)

The procedures in this guide support the new console design. If you choose to use the older version of the console, you will find many of the concepts and basic procedures in this guide still apply. To access help in the new console, choose the information icon.

Delete a Deployment Configuration with AWS CodeDeploy

You can use the AWS CLI or the AWS CodeDeploy APIs to delete custom deployment configurations associated with your AWS account. You cannot delete built-in deployment configurations, such as CodeDeployDefault.AllAtOnce, CodeDeployDefault.HalfAtATime, and CodeDeployDefault.OneAtATime.


You cannot delete a custom deployment configuration that is still in use. If you delete an unused, custom deployment configuration, you will no longer be able to associate it with new deployments and new deployment groups. This action cannot be undone.

To use the AWS CLI to delete a deployment configuration, call the delete-deployment-config command, specifying the deployment configuration name. To view a list of deployment configuration names, call the list-deployment-configs command.

The following example deletes a deployment configuration named ThreeQuartersHealthy.

aws deploy delete-deployment-config --deployment-config-name ThreeQuartersHealthy