Error codes for AWS CodeDeploy - AWS CodeDeploy

Error codes for AWS CodeDeploy

This topic provides reference information about CodeDeploy errors.

Error Code Description


The deployment failed because of a problem with the CodeDeploy agent. Make sure the agent is installed and running on all instances in this deployment group.

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The service role associated with your deployment group does not have the permission required to perform operations in the following AWS service.

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The overall deployment failed because too many individual instances failed deployment, too few healthy instances are available for deployment, or some instances in your deployment group are experiencing problems.

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The deployment can’t start because the minimum number of healthy instances, as defined by your deployment configuration, are not available. You can reduce the required number of healthy instances by updating your deployment configuration or increase the number of instances in this deployment group.

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The deployment failed because no service role exists with the service role name specified for the deployment group. Make sure you are using the correct service role name.

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CodeDeploy does not have the permissions required to assume a role, or the IAM role you're using does't give you permission to perform operations in an AWS service.

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This might be caused by one of the following.

  • For an EC2/On-Premises blue/green deployment, if you use Amazon EC2 tags they might not be configured properly. In your CodeDeploy deployment group, make sure they are included in your blue instances and your green instances. You can confirm your instances are tagged properly using the Amazon EC2 console.

  • If you use an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group, your Auto Scaling group might not have enough capacity. Make sure your Auto Scaling group has enough capacity for your deployment. You can view the capacity of your Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group by looking at its number of healthy instances using the Amazon EC2 console.

  • For an EC2/On-Premises blue/green deployment, the blue and green fleets might not be the same size. Make sure both fleets are the same size.

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The deployment failed because more instances are targeted for deployment than are allowed for your account. To reduce the number of instances targeted for this deployment, update the tag settings for this deployment group or delete some of the targeted instances. Alternatively, you can contact AWS Support to request a limit increase.

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The deployment failed because more requests were made than are permitted for AWS CodeDeploy by an IAM role. Try reducing the number of requests.

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The deployment failed because the deployment group isn’t configured correctly with its Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group. In the CodeDeploy console, delete the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group from the deployment group, and then add it again.

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