AWS CodeDeploy
User Guide (API Version 2014-10-06)

The procedures in this guide support the new console design. If you choose to use the older version of the console, you will find many of the concepts and basic procedures in this guide still apply. To access help in the new console, choose the information icon.

Integration Examples from the Community

The following sections provide links to blog posts, articles, and community-provided examples.


These links are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be considered either a comprehensive list or an endorsement of the content of the examples. AWS is not responsible for the content or accuracy of external content.

Blog posts


  • Hosting ASP.NET 5 Apps in AWS with Docker and CodeDeploy

    Learn how CodeDeploy can be used to deploy ASP.NET 5 applications to an Internet Information Services (IIS) server on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

    Published October 2015

    Duration: 47:37

  • Mastering CodeDeploy with Jenkins and Puppet

    Learn how to use the open-source tools Jenkins and Puppet with CodeDeploy.

    Published May 2015

    Duration: 49:31

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