Step 2: Update your Amazon ECS application - AWS CodeDeploy

Step 2: Update your Amazon ECS application

In this section, you update your Amazon ECS application to use a new revision of its task definition. You create the new revision and add a minor update to it by adding a tag.

To update your task definition
  1. Open the Amazon ECS classic console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Task Definitions.

  3. Select the check box for the task definition used by your Amazon ECS service.

  4. Choose Create new revision.

  5. Make a small update to the task definition by adding a tag. At the bottom of the page, in Tags, create a new tag by entering a new key and value pair.

  6. Choose Create. You should see that your task definition's revision number has been incremented by one.

  7. Choose the JSON tab. Make a note of the value for taskDefinitionArn. Its format is arn:aws:ecs:aws-region: account-id:task-definition/task-definition-family: task-definition-revision. This is the ARN of your updated task definition.