Step 4: Provision an instance - AWS CodeDeploy

Step 4: Provision an instance

In this step, you will create or configure the instance that you will deploy the sample application to. You can deploy to an Amazon EC2 instance or an on-premises instance that is running one of the operating systems supported by CodeDeploy. For information see Operating systems supported by the CodeDeploy agent. (If you already have an instance configured for use in CodeDeploy deployments, skip to the next step.)

To provision an instance
  1. Follow the instructions in Launch an Amazon EC2 instance (console) to provision an instance.

  2. When launching the instance, remember to specify a tag on the Add tags page. For details on how to specify the tag, see Launch an Amazon EC2 instance (console).

To verify that the CodeDeploy agent is running on the instance

After you have successfully provisioned the instance and verified the CodeDeploy agent is running, go to the next step.