Working with an AWS BugBust event (admin and player) - AWS BugBust

Working with an AWS BugBust event (admin and player)

The event page contains detailed information about an AWS BugBust bug bash event. You can see how many bugs and profiling groups are available to claim, and you can see how many players joined your event. If the event hasn't started, you can see when it starts. If the event already started, you can see how much time remains.

On the event page, an AWS BugBust administrator can edit and view details of an AWS BugBust event before the event starts. After the event starts, the event can't be changed. An AWS BugBust event player can claim bugs and profiling groups, see how many points they earned, and view event details.

During the lifecycle of an event, it goes the following three or four states. For more information, see View the state of an AWS BugBust event.

  • Coming soon – An event is coming soon after it is created and before its start time.

  • Active– An event is active after its start time and before its end time.

  • Finalizing points– An event enters the finalizing points state only if it contains profiling groups to work on. A event enters the finalizing points state after its end time and before all profiling groups have been evaluated to determine how many points each checked-in profiling group improvement is worth.

  • Closed– An event is closed immediately after its end time if it only contains bugs. If it contains profiling groups, then it is closed after all profiling groups are evaluated and all points are allocated.