AgentConfiguration - Amazon CodeGuru Profiler


The response of ConfigureAgent that specifies if an agent profiles or not and for how long to return profiling data.



How long a profiling agent should send profiling data using ConfigureAgent. For example, if this is set to 300, the profiling agent calls ConfigureAgent every 5 minutes to submit the profiled data collected during that period.

Type: Integer

Required: Yes


A Boolean that specifies whether the profiling agent collects profiling data or not. Set to true to enable profiling.

Type: Boolean

Required: Yes


Parameters used by the profiler. The valid parameters are:

  • MaxStackDepth - The maximum depth of the stacks in the code that is represented in the profile. For example, if CodeGuru Profiler finds a method A, which calls method B, which calls method C, which calls method D, then the depth is 4. If the maxDepth is set to 2, then the profiler evaluates A and B.

  • MemoryUsageLimitPercent - The percentage of memory that is used by the profiler.

  • MinimumTimeForReportingInMilliseconds - The minimum time in milliseconds between sending reports.

  • ReportingIntervalInMilliseconds - The reporting interval in milliseconds used to report profiles.

  • SamplingIntervalInMilliseconds - The sampling interval in milliseconds that is used to profile samples.

Type: String to string map

Valid Keys: SamplingIntervalInMilliseconds | ReportingIntervalInMilliseconds | MinimumTimeForReportingInMilliseconds | MemoryUsageLimitPercent | MaxStackDepth

Required: No

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