SourceCodeType - Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer


Specifies the source code that is analyzed in a code review.



A type of SourceCodeType that specifies a source branch name and a destination branch name in an associated repository.

Type: BranchDiffSourceCodeType object

Required: No


A SourceCodeType that specifies a commit diff created by a pull request on an associated repository.

Type: CommitDiffSourceCodeType object

Required: No


A SourceCodeType that specifies the tip of a branch in an associated repository.

Type: RepositoryHeadSourceCodeType object

Required: No


Metadata that is associated with a code review. This applies to any type of code review supported by CodeGuru Reviewer. The RequestMetadaa field captures any event metadata. For example, it might capture metadata associated with an event trigger, such as a push or a pull request.

Type: RequestMetadata object

Required: No


Information about an associated repository in an S3 bucket that includes its name and an S3RepositoryDetails object. The S3RepositoryDetails object includes the name of an S3 bucket, an S3 key for a source code .zip file, and an S3 key for a build artifacts .zip file. S3BucketRepository is required in SourceCodeType for S3BucketRepository based code reviews.

Type: S3BucketRepository object

Required: No

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