View tags for a CodeGuru Reviewer associated repository (AWS CLI) - Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

View tags for a CodeGuru Reviewer associated repository (AWS CLI)

Follow these steps to use the AWS CLI to view the AWS tags for an associated repository. If no tags have been added, the returned tags list in the response is empty ("Tags": {}).

To view tags for an associated repository
  1. Make sure that you have configured the AWS CLI with the AWS Region in which you want to create your code reviews. To verify the Region, run the following command at the command line or terminal and review the information for the default name.

    aws configure

    The default Region name must match the AWS Region for the repository in CodeCommit.

  2. Run the describe-repository-association command and specify the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the associated repository.

    aws codeguru-reviewer describe-repository-association / --association-arn arn:aws:codeguru-reviewer:us-west-2:123456789012:association:repository-association-uuid
  3. If successful, this command outputs a RepositoryAssociation object that includes an array with its tags.

    { "RepositoryAssociation": { "AssociationId": "repository-association-uuid", "Name": "my-codecommit-repo", "LastUpdatedTimeStamp": 1595634764.029, "ProviderType": "CodeCommit", "CreatedTimeStamp": 1595634764.029, "Owner": "123456789012", "State": "Associating", "StateReason": "Pending Repository Association", "AssociationArn": "arn:aws:codeguru-reviewer:us-west-2:123456789012:association:repository-association-uuid", }, "Tags": { "owner": "admin", "status": "beta", "value-1": "key-1", } }