What is Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer? - Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer

What is Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer?

Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a service that uses program analysis and machine learning to detect potential defects that are difficult for developers to find and offers suggestions for improving your Java and Python code. This service has been released for general availability in several Regions.

By proactively detecting code defects, CodeGuru Reviewer can provide guidelines for addressing them and implementing best practices to improve the overall quality and maintainability of your code base during the code review stage. For more information, see How Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer works.

What kind of recommendations does CodeGuru Reviewer provide?

CodeGuru Reviewer doesn't flag syntactical mistakes, as these are relatively easy to find. Instead, CodeGuru Reviewer identifies more complex problems and suggests improvements related to recommendation types such as resource leak prevention or security analysis. Within each type are several detectors that CodeGuru Reviewer uses to analyze your code. For information about these detectors, see the Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer Detector Library.

CodeGuru Reviewer also integrates with AWS Secrets Manager to use a secrets detector that finds unprotected secrets in your code. For more information, see Secrets detection.

What languages and repositories can I use with CodeGuru Reviewer?

CodeGuru Reviewer is designed to work with Java and Python code repositories in the following source providers:

If you use any of these source providers, you can integrate with CodeGuru Reviewer with just a few steps. After you associate a repository with CodeGuru Reviewer, you can interact with recommendations in the CodeGuru Reviewer console. For incremental code reviews, you can also see recommendations directly from inside pull requests in your repository.

Accessing CodeGuru Reviewer

You can access CodeGuru Reviewer using any of the following methods: