User Guide (API Version 2015-07-09)

List Webhooks in Your Account

You can use the AWS CLI to list webhooks in your account.

  1. To list your webhooks, call the list-webhooks command and include the --endpoint-url and --region parameters.

    The following sample command lists webhooks for the "eu-central-1" endpoint URL.

    aws codepipeline list-webhooks --endpoint-url "" --region "eu-central-1"
  2. Webhooks are listed, including the name and ARN for each webhook.

    { "webhooks": [ { "url": "": { "authenticationConfiguration": { "SecretToken": "Secret" }, "name": "my-webhook", "authentication": "GITHUB_HMAC", "targetPipeline": "my-Pipeline", "targetAction": "Source", "filters": [ { "jsonPath": "$.ref", "matchEquals": "refs/heads/{Branch}" } ] }, "arn": "arn:aws:codepipeline:eu-central-1:ACCOUNT_ID:webhook:my-webhook" } ] }
  3. In GitHub, choose your repository.

  4. Choose Settings, and then choose Webhooks.

    View the webhook information for your repository.