AWS CodePipeline
User Guide (API Version 2015-07-09)

A new console design is available for this service. Although the procedures in this guide were written for the older version of the console, you will find many of the concepts and basic procedures in this guide still apply.

List Webhooks in Your Account

You can use the AWS CLI to list webhooks in your account.

  1. To list your webhooks, call the list-webhooks command and include the --endpoint-url and --region parameters.

    The following sample command lists webhooks for the "eu-central-1" endpoint URL.

    aws codepipeline list-webhooks --endpoint-url "" --region "eu-central-1"
  2. Webhooks are listed, including the name and ARN for each webhook.

    { "webhooks": [ { "url": "": { "authenticationConfiguration": { "SecretToken": "Secret" }, "name": "my-webhook", "authentication": "GITHUB_HMAC", "targetPipeline": "my-Pipeline", "targetAction": "Source", "filters": [ { "jsonPath": "$.ref", "matchEquals": "refs/heads/{Branch}" } ] }, "arn": "arn:aws:codepipeline:eu-central-1:ACCOUNT_ID:webhook:my-webhook" } ] }
  3. In GitHub, select your repository.

  4. Choose Settings.

  5. Choose Webhooks. View the webhook information for your repository.