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On July 31, 2024, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will discontinue support for creating and viewing AWS CodeStar projects. After July 31, 2024, you will no longer be able to access the AWS CodeStar console or create new projects. However, the AWS resources created by AWS CodeStar, including your source repositories, pipelines, and builds, will be unaffected by this change and will continue to function. AWS CodeStar Connections will not be impacted by this discontinuation.


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Adds an IAM user to the team for an AWS CodeStar project.

Request Syntax

{ "clientRequestToken": "string", "projectId": "string", "projectRole": "string", "remoteAccessAllowed": boolean, "userArn": "string" }

Request Parameters

For information about the parameters that are common to all actions, see Common Parameters.

The request accepts the following data in JSON format.


A user- or system-generated token that identifies the entity that requested the team member association to the project. This token can be used to repeat the request.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 256.

Pattern: ^[\w:/-]+$

Required: No


The ID of the project to which you will add the IAM user.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 2. Maximum length of 15.

Pattern: ^[a-z][a-z0-9-]+$

Required: Yes


The AWS CodeStar project role that will apply to this user. This role determines what actions a user can take in an AWS CodeStar project.

Type: String

Pattern: ^(Owner|Viewer|Contributor)$

Required: Yes


Whether the team member is allowed to use an SSH public/private key pair to remotely access project resources, for example Amazon EC2 instances.

Type: Boolean

Required: No


The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the IAM user you want to add to the AWS CodeStar project.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 32. Maximum length of 95.

Pattern: ^arn:aws:iam::\d{12}:user(?:(\u002F)|(\u002F[\u0021-\u007E]+\u002F))[\w+=,.@-]+$

Required: Yes

Response Syntax

{ "clientRequestToken": "string" }

Response Elements

If the action is successful, the service sends back an HTTP 200 response.

The following data is returned in JSON format by the service.


The user- or system-generated token from the initial request that can be used to repeat the request.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 256.

Pattern: ^[\w:/-]+$


For information about the errors that are common to all actions, see Common Errors.


Another modification is being made. That modification must complete before you can make your change.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The service role is not valid.

HTTP Status Code: 400


A resource limit has been exceeded.

HTTP Status Code: 400


Project configuration information is required but not specified.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The specified AWS CodeStar project was not found.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The team member is already associated with a role in this project.

HTTP Status Code: 400


The specified input is either not valid, or it could not be validated.

HTTP Status Code: 400



This example illustrates one usage of AssociateTeamMember.

Sample Request

POST / HTTP/1.1 Host: Accept-Encoding: identity Content-Length: 323 X-Amz-Target: CodeStar_20170419.AssociateTeamMember X-Amz-Date: 20170328T215402Z User-Agent: aws-cli/1.10.53 Python/2.7.9 Windows/8 Content-Type: application/x-amz-json-1.1 Authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=AKIAI44QH8DHBEXAMPLE/20161201/us-east-1/codestar/aws4_request, SignedHeaders=content-type;host;user-agent;x-amz-date;x-amz-target, Signature=8d9b5998EXAMPLE { "Operation": "com.amazonaws.codestar#AssociateTeamMember", "Service": "com.amazonaws.codestar#CodeStarService", "Input": { "projectId": "my-first-projec", "projectRole": "Contributor", "remoteAccessAllowed": True, "userArn": "arn:aws:iam::111111111111:user/Jane_Doe", } }

Sample Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK x-amzn-RequestId: 0728aaa8-EXAMPLE Content-Type: application/x-amz-json-1.1 Content-Length: 2 Date: Tue, 28 March 2017 15:40:24 GMT {}

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