AWS CodeStar
User Guide

AWS CodeStar Service Role Policy and Permissions

AWS CodeStar uses a service role, aws-codestar-service-role, when it creates and manages the resources for your project. For more information, see Roles Terms and Concepts in the IAM User Guide.


You must be signed in as an IAM administrator user or root account to create this service role. For more information, see First-Time Access Only: Your Root User Credentials and Creating Your First IAM Admin User and Group in the IAM User Guide.

This role is created for you the first time you create a project in AWS CodeStar. The service role acts on your behalf to:

  • Create the resources you choose when you create a project.

  • Display information about those resources in the AWS CodeStar project dashboard.

It also acts on your behalf when you manage the resources for a project. For an example of this policy statement, see AWS CodeStar Service Role Policy .