Working with Projects in AWS CodeStar - AWS CodeStar

Working with Projects in AWS CodeStar

When you use an AWS CodeStar project template, you can quickly create a project that is already configured with the resources you need, including:

  • Source repository

  • Build environment

  • Deployment and hosting resources

  • Programming language

The template even includes sample source code so you can start working with your project right away.

After you have a project, you can add or remove resources, customize your project dashboard, and monitor progress.

The following diagram shows a basic workflow in an AWS CodeStar project.

            An example AWS CodeStar project workflow

The basic workflow in the diagram shows a developer with the AWSCodeStarFullAccess policy applied that creates a project and adds team members to it. Together they write, build, test, and deploy code. The project dashboard provides tools that can be used in real time to view application activity and monitor builds, the flow of code through the deployment pipeline, and more. The team uses the team wiki tile to share information, best practices, and links. They integrate their issue-tracking software to help them track progress and tasks. As customers provide requests and feedback, the team adds this information to the project and integrates it into their project planning and development. As the project grows, the team adds more team members to support their code base.