Working with Your AWS CodeStar User Profile - AWS CodeStar

On July 31, 2024, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will discontinue support for creating and viewing AWS CodeStar projects. After July 31, 2024, you will no longer be able to access the AWS CodeStar console or create new projects. However, the AWS resources created by AWS CodeStar, including your source repositories, pipelines, and builds, will be unaffected by this change and will continue to function. AWS CodeStar Connections and AWS CodeStar Notifications will not be impacted by this discontinuation.


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Working with Your AWS CodeStar User Profile

Your AWS CodeStar user profile is associated with your IAM user. This profile contains a display name and email address that is used in all AWS CodeStar projects you belong to. You can upload an SSH public key to be associated with your profile. This public key is part of the SSH public-private key pair you use when you connect to Amazon EC2 instances associated with AWS CodeStar projects you belong to.


The information in these topics covers only your AWS CodeStar user profile. If your project uses resources outside of AWS (for example, a GitHub repository or issues in Atlassian JIRA), those resource providers might use their own user profiles, which might have different settings. For more information, see the resource provider's documentation.