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CLI Completions

CodeWhisperer for command line adds IDE-style completions for hundreds of popular CLIs like git, npm, docker, and aws. Start typing, and CodeWhisperer will pop up contextually relevant subcommands, options and arguments.

An example of a CodeWhisperer for command line CLI completion.

The default settings provided by CodeWhisperer for command line may not "feel right," and may disrupt your existing workflow. You can customize your settings at any time by running cw to open the settings dashboard. Here are a few popular settings

  • Keybindings. Changing the tab keybinding to "Insert common prefix or navigate" may make CLI Completions feel more like traditional shell completions while "Insert common prefix or insert" will feel more like an IDE

  • Theme. You know what this is. Choose your favorite.

  • Instant execute after space. A lot developers habitually type a space character just before they execute it. Enable this setting to avoid CodeWhisperer blocking you

  • First token completion. Enable this setting to get completions for CLIs themselves, not just the subcommands, options, and arguments

Screenshot of CodeWhisperer for command line settings.