Installing CodeWhisperer for command line - CodeWhisperer

Installing CodeWhisperer for command line

To install CodeWhisperer for command line, follow the steps below.

  1. Download CodeWhisperer for command line (macOS only)

  2. Authenticate with Builder ID for CodeWhisperer Individual users, or IAM Identity Center for CodeWhisperer Professional users using the start URL given to you by your account administrator.

  3. Follow the instructions to install the shell integrations, and to grant macOS accessiblity permissions.

Supported command line environments

CodeWhisperer for command line integrates with the following environments:

  • Operating systems: macOS

  • Shells: bash, zsh, fish

  • Terminal emulators: iTerm2, macOS terminal, Hyper, Alacritty, Kitty, wezTerm

  • IDEs: VS Code terminal, Jetbrains terminals (except Fleet)

  • CLIs: 500+ of the most popular CLIs such as git, aws, docker, npm, yarn

Verifying your download

After you download CodeWhisperer for command line, you can verify its code signature as follows:

codesign -v /Applications/

If there is no output, then the app's code signature is valid, and it has not been tampered with since it was signed.

For more verbose information about the app signature, run:

codesign -dv --verbose=4 /Applications/

To learn more about the macOS codesign utility, see the Code Signing Guide on the Apple developer website.