Guided setup options for Amazon Cognito - Amazon Cognito

Guided setup options for Amazon Cognito

You might want to evaluate the features of Amazon Cognito in a structured, guided experience. Here are some external resources that provide tailored experiences with user pools and identity pools.

Complete a workshop

AWS workshop studio hosts a workshop that walks you through the setup of the majority of Amazon Cognito features. These features include the user pools API, the user pools hosted UI, identity pools, and security configuration.

Add application code from examples

The code examples chapter in this guide has application code that you can use with user pools and identity pools. The user pools section of the code examples chapter has short snippets that cover individual operations, and longer examples for end-to-end example applications in a variety of programming languages.

Create a fullstack application with AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is an AWS service for developers who want to develop and host an application and user interface. Amazon Cognito is the authentication component of Amplify. When you add authentication to your application, Amplify can automate the deployment of Amazon Cognito user pool and identity pool resources. Also, see Integrating Amazon Cognito authentication and authorization with web and mobile apps.