Amazon Cognito
Developer Guide

Customizing the Built-in App UI to Sign Up and Sign In Users


The UI customization tab appears only when you're editing an existing user pool.

On the UI customization tab, you can add your own customizations to the default app UI.

For detailed information about each of the customization fields, see Customizing the Built-in Sign-in and Sign-up Webpages.


You can view the hosted UI with your customizations by constructing the following URL, with the specifics for your user pool, and typing it into a browser: https://<your_domain>/login?response_type=code&client_id=<your_app_client_id>&redirect_uri=<your_callback_url> You may have to wait up to one minute to refresh your browser before changes made in the console appear.

Your domain is shown on the Domain name tab. Your app client ID and callback URL are shown on the App client settings tab.

To customize the built-in app UI

  1. Under App client to customize, choose the app you want to customize from the dropdown menu of app clients that you previously created in the App clients tab.

  2. To add a logo to the default app UI, choose Choose a file or drag a file onto the Logo box.

  3. Under CSS customizations (optional), you can customize the appearance of the app by changing various properties from their default values.

  4. Choose Save changes.