Amazon Cognito
Developer Guide

Quickstart: Using the Console to Create a New User Pool

The following procedure shows how to create a new user pool using the AWS Management Console.

To create a new user pool using the AWS Management Console

  1. Open the Amazon Cognito console.

  2. On the Amazon Cognito home page, choose Manage your User Pools.

              The Amazon Cognito getting started screen in the AWS Management Console
  3. Choose Create a User Pool to get started.

  4. Specify a Pool name.

    Pool names must be between one and 128 characters long. They can contain uppercase and lowercase letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), and the following special characters: + = , . @ and -.

  5. Next, decide how you want to create your user pool.

              Choose the options for your user pool

    To create a user pool with the default settings, choose Review defaults, and then choose Create pool. You can still customize settings from the default values.

    To step through each setting to make your choices, choose Step through settings and go to the next step. For more information, see Step Through Amazon Cognito User Pool Settings in the AWS Management Console.

  6. Review your user pool configuration in the next step, and then choose Create pool.