Getting started with user pools - Amazon Cognito

Getting started with user pools

You can use the guides in this section to create your initial user pool resources. For a step-by-step walkthrough, start with a basic web application in the React JavaScript developer environment. From there, you can continue on to add features like the hosted user interface (hosted UI) and federated sign-in with external social or SAML 2.0 identity providers (IdPs).

As you work to expand your feature set and incorporate more components of Amazon Cognito, read the Amazon Cognito user pools chapter for full descriptions of everything you can do with user pools.

The example user pool and application in this section demonstrates a basic integration of application resources with Amazon Cognito user pools. Later, you can adjust your user pool to use more of the options that are available to you. Then you can update your application to adopt new APIs and interact with the hosted UI and IdPs.

The tutorial in this section creates an application with a custom UI and API-based authentication with an AWS SDK. Applications that you build in this way are ideal for authenticating local users. To start with an application with a prebuilt UI, automatic handling of some user pool features, and authentication of federated users, skip ahead to Add an app client with the hosted UI.