Configuring user pool analytics - Amazon Cognito

Configuring user pool analytics


The Analytics tab appears only when you're editing an existing user pool.

Using Amazon Pinpoint Analytics, you can track Amazon Cognito user pools sign-ups, sign-ins, failed authentications, daily active users (DAUs), and monthly active users (MAUs). You can also set up user attributes specific to your app using the AWS Mobile SDK for Android or AWS Mobile SDK for iOS. Those can then be used to segment your users in Amazon Pinpoint and send them targeted push notifications.

In the Analytics tab, you can specify an Amazon Pinpoint project for your Amazon Cognito app client. For more information, see Using Amazon Pinpoint Analytics with Amazon Cognito user pools.


Amazon Pinpoint is available in several AWS Regions in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Amazon Pinpoint regions include the Amazon Pinpoint API. If a Amazon Pinpoint region is supported by Amazon Cognito, then Amazon Cognito will send events to Amazon Pinpoint projects within the same Amazon Pinpoint region. If a region isn't supported by Amazon Pinpoint, then Amazon Cognito will only support sending events in us-east-1. For Amazon Pinpoint detailed region information, see Amazon Pinpoint endpoints and quotas and Using Amazon Pinpoint analytics with Amazon Cognito user pools.

To add analytics and campaigns

  1. Choose Add analytics and campaigns.

  2. Choose a Cognito app client from the list.

  3. To map your Amazon Cognito app to an Amazon Pinpoint project, choose the Amazon Pinpoint project from the list.


    The Amazon Pinpoint project ID is a 32-character string that is unique to your Amazon Pinpoint project. It is listed the Amazon Pinpoint console.

    You can map multiple Amazon Cognito apps to a single Amazon Pinpoint project. However, each Amazon Cognito app can only be mapped to one Amazon Pinpoint project.

    In Amazon Pinpoint, each project should be a single app. For example, if a game developer has two games, each game should be a separate Amazon Pinpoint project, even if both games use the same Amazon Cognito user pools.

  4. Choose Share user attribute data with Amazon Pinpoint if you want Amazon Cognito to send email addresses and phone numbers to Amazon Pinpoint in order to create additional endpoints for users.


    An endpoint uniquely identifies a user device to which you can send push notifications with Amazon Pinpoint. For more information about endpoints, see Adding endpointsin the Amazon Pinpoint Developer Guide.

  5. Enter an IAM role that you already created or choose Create new role to create a new role in the IAM console.

  6. Choose Save changes.

  7. To specify additional app mappings, choose Add app mapping.

  8. Choose Save changes.