SavingsOpportunity - AWS Compute Optimizer


Describes the savings opportunity for recommendations of a given resource type or for the recommendation option of an individual resource.

Savings opportunity represents the estimated monthly savings you can achieve by implementing a given Compute Optimizer recommendation.


Savings opportunity data requires that you opt in to Cost Explorer, as well as activate Receive Amazon EC2 resource recommendations in the Cost Explorer preferences page. That creates a connection between Cost Explorer and Compute Optimizer. With this connection, Cost Explorer generates savings estimates considering the price of existing resources, the price of recommended resources, and historical usage data. Estimated monthly savings reflects the projected dollar savings associated with each of the recommendations generated. For more information, see Enabling Cost Explorer and Optimizing your cost with Rightsizing Recommendations in the Cost Management User Guide.



An object that describes the estimated monthly savings amount possible by adopting Compute Optimizer recommendations for a given resource. This is based on the On-Demand instance pricing..

Type: EstimatedMonthlySavings object

Required: No


The estimated monthly savings possible as a percentage of monthly cost by adopting Compute Optimizer recommendations for a given resource.

Type: Double

Required: No

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